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Carbohydrate Diet Menu

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Carbohydrate Diet Menu -- High Carbohydrate FoodCarbohydrate diet plan is an all-carb food spread, although it includes some amount of fats and proteins too. Carbohydrate being the main source of energy, a carb-rich diet assists the body to stay high on health and vigor. On the flip-side, eating too much of carbs, especially the simple ones, can make you feel sluggish and down at the same time. Hence, when planning a Carbohydrate diet menu, it is important to balance it up with proteins, fats and plenty of complex carbohydrates. Carb-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, dairy products, whole grains, and sweeteners such as sugar, molasses, honey, and corn syrup are some of the food ingredients that can be used up for the menu. Carbohydrate diet, if followed properly, can help you to gain or lose weight, as you want.



Healthy Choices For Carbohydrate Diet Menu






White Bread

Starchy Vegetables

Soda and Juices

Whole Grains


Milk and Milk Products



White Rice




Delectable Dishes For Carbohydrate Diet Menu



Whole Wheat Flat Bread

Whole-wheat flat bread is rich source of fiber and vitamin B, and have a low glycemic index. This makes this bread the best choice for anyone taking up a carbohydrate diet. Since whole wheat is rich in complex carbs, this flat bread isn’t really harmful for health .



Quick And Easy Chili

Quick And Easy Chili

This high protein, high carb recipe is quite a delicacy and is an easy way to draw a balance in your carb intake. Prepared with ground beef, pepper, onions, tomato sauce, kidney beans, hot pepper sauce, and chili, this delectable side dish is truly a lip-smacking one.



Cuban Chicken

Cuban Chicken

High in flavor and health, Cuban chicken indeed makes for a healthy carb inclusion in your dinner fare. Loaded with delicious ingredients like chicken, salad oil, potato, white wine, raisins, and a slew of other exciting ingredients, this main dish truly is a delight for the foodies.



Dirt Dessert

Dirt Dessert

Dirt dessert is a toothsome treat that is made with oleo, cream cheese, vanilla pudding, chocolate cookies, cool whip, and vanilla. Easy to make and good to eat, this dessert can be very sumptuous, given you binge on it in moderation.



Carbohydrate diet menu is chiefly loaded with carbs, but it also includes a decent amount of other nutrients, good fats and proteins, that helps your body to achieve good health.



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Carbohydrate Diet Menu