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Candida Diet Menu

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Candida Diet Menu - Organic VegetablesIf candida overgrowth has been your concern, then switching on to candida diet would stall fungus from multiplying. The main objective of candida diet is to eliminate yeast, carbohydrates, processed and sugary foods that proliferates the growth of the fungus from your daily diet and include plenty of fresh foods instead, and candida diet menu exactly caters to that. The cue is to steer clear of food ingredients like sugar, wheat, alcohol, caffeine, moldy foods, mushroom, vinegar, canned foods, milk, buttermilk, sour cream, etc. and substitute them with high carb veggies, whole grains, fruits, lean meat, and eggs. However, before you resort to candida diet, make sure to check your food allergies and intolerances first.



Candida Diet Menu Foods To Skip






Fermented Foods and Drinks



Whole Grain

Sugary Foods




Dried and Pickled Meats



Delectable Delights For Candida Diet Menu



Vegetable Pasta Salad

Vegetable Pasta Salad

Vegetable pasta salad is not only healthy and filling, but also involves a variety of flavors and gratifying proteins. Just toss in corkscrew macaroni, celery, pimiento, peas, parsley, tomatoes, lettuce, and pepper, drizzle some olive oil, and you have a nutritious, satisfying, well-rounded meal.



Green Rice Pilaf

Green Rice Pilaf

Add a dash of health and taste to your boring meals with delectable green rice pilaf. Since this dish uses long grained rice, the carbohydrate level is considerably low here. Also, this dish contains no fermented, yeasty or moldy ingredients and hence is absolutely a safe bet for anyone suffering from yeast infection.


Poached Fish

Poached Fish

Poached fish is yet another exciting, healthy, tasty main course dish that can be whomped up using fish fillets, lemon, salt, peppercorns, and onion. Since poaching is very healthy, cooing your fish in simmering liquid than deep-frying will save a lot of unwanted calories from piling on. However, stay away from fishes like tilapia, salmon, snapper, cod, tuna, and eel, as they can cause allergy.



Fruit Juice Combo

Fruit juice combo is a healthy, tasty concoction of tomato, apple, cranberry, grapefruit, lemonade, orange, and pineapple juice. Extremely healthy and appeasing, a glass of fruit juice combo after dinner will help your tummy stay appeased for long.



Candida diet menu is a strict diet regime and it might take you great determination to stick to it. However, following it might to tee might save you from a lot of other discomfort and infections.

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Candida Diet Menu