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Pumpkin For Weight Loss

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Why don’t you try out a pumpkin for weight loss? – on hearing this many of you might jump out of seats because many of you might have only perceived it as any regular vegetable or halloween treat. As we all know that pumpkin lends rich flavor to the dish whenever it is used. However health conscious you are still that desire to have something sweet cannot actually go off. In that case pumpkins can be a perfect treat because they can be easily baked into a wonderful dessert or canned pumpkin can be substituted for sugar or other artificial sweeteners in some dessert recipes. By acting wiser you are staying committed to your weight loss goals too.



Here are some of the areas on which you can improve by choosing pumpkin for weight loss?


  • Metabolism:
    Pumpkin is loaded with compounds which stabilize the metabolism and helps to lose weight.  Slowed metabolism is touted as one of the reasons for obesity. The pumpkin diet is recommended to people who want to experience a sudden shot in their rate of metabolism. The pumpkin not only boosts metabolism but also helps body to use the stored fats in proper way.


  • Fullness:
    Most of the people who tend to suffer from obesity find it difficult to curb their overindulgence with food. They can curb it successfully by having the pumpkin porridge or pumpkin salad in the morning. The vital nutrients in pumpkin help to regulate the feeling of fullness within a eater.


  • Blood Sugar:
    Alternating sugar levels is another serious problem faced by the dieters. They often tend to go on binging spree due to alternating sugar levels. The pumpkin helps to stabilize their sugar levels and curb their eating tendencies.


This is how the pumpkin and weight loss goes hands in hand.

If you are now darn serious about using the pumpkin for weight loss then these recipes can actually help you:


  • Spiced Pumpkin Soup:
    You can have this soup for lunch or dinner. But it would be more appropriate to have it during dinner if you are planning for something yummy but low calorie food for a dinner. The soup can be easily cooked with ingredients like butter, onion, curry powder, cumin, all-purpose flour, garlic cloves, ground nutmeg, peeled and cubed potatoes, salt, pumpkin pulp, low fat and low sodium chicken broth, and low fat milk. The soup can be served after garnishing with lemon juice.


  • Pumpkin Shake:
    What is it all about? This shake is a prepared by combining pulp of pumpkin with ingredients like cinnamon, skimmed milk, allspice, nutmeg, and few drops of vanilla essence. You just need to blend all these ingredients in a blender to make pumpkin shake.


You can try out many recipes involving pumpkin , which is something more than just a Halloween treat.


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Pumpkin For Weight Loss