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Clear Diet Menu

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Clear Diet Menu - Clear SoupsThe clear diet menu comprises of clear liquids like pure water, light broth, and plain gelatin, which are easily absorbed by the digestive system and does not leave any unwanted residue in the colon. Besides, this diet is also high on fluids, which helps keep the body hydrated for long. Clear diet is recommended to patients due for medical procedures, tests, or surgeries and is best for anyone suffering from acute gastrointestinal disorders. When planning a clear liquid diet menu, one should include food options like fruit juices and punches sans pulp or seeds, clear broths like bouillon or consommé, sports drinks, clear soda, honey, lemonade, tea, coffee, ice pops without fruits, etc. Nevertheless, people resorting to this diet should not continue it for a long period as this diet menu is deficient in calories and nutrients.



Healthy Food For Clear Diet Menu







Fruit  Juices Without Pulp

Fruit Smoothies

Clear Soups


Gelatin Desserts

Lactose Products

Clear Broth

Cream Soups


5 Healthy Dishes For Clear Diet Menu


Clear Vegetable Broth

Clear Vegetable Broth

Nothing can be more hearty and satisfying than a bowl of steaming hot clear vegetable broth. Chockfull of vegetables like carrot, celery, parsley, onion, Marmite, and oil, this flavorful broth is simple to makes and is easy to digest.

Lemon Gelatin

Citrusy and flavorful, lemon gelatin is sure to add zing to your meals. All you need is a packet of gelatin, lemon juice, and artificial sweetener to make this yummy side dish. Just mix all the ingredients together, add some water, and freeze until set.


Apple Juice Punch

Apple Juice Punch

Punches are a great food choice for anyone following a clear liquid diet menu. To prepare apple juice punch, just take a cup of apple juice, ginger ale, lemon juice, and grenadine syrup, stir them together, add a lot of crushed ice, and serve.


Ice Pops

Ice Pops

Ice pops makes for ideal dessert choice for clear liquid diet. Prepared with fresh nectarines, crushed berries, and water, this fruity dessert is easy to digest and does not leave any residue on the intestinal tract.



Clear liquid diet menu is high on fluids, thereby making it the best diet bet for anyone suffering from digestive illness, acute diverticulitis, and even dehydration.


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Clear Diet Menu