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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Diet

Celebrity Diet - Elisabeth HasselbeckThe Elisabeth Hasselbeck diet is a gluten free diet. Most of us know Elisabeth Hasselbeck as one of the hosts of the day time chat show The View. But what we don't know about this 34 year old TV hostess is that she suffers from the Celiac disease. People with this condition are allergic to all food stuffs that contain gluten. Her diet and workout regimen has gained my respect because she has gone through a lot before she discovered a perfect gluten-free diet for herself. In a true 'Survivor' style, she is a gluten-free survivor for sure. Let's check out her gluten-free diet.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck Diet

When asked what she thinks about having to be a gluten-free person for life, she said “A gluten-free lifestyle can help countless others as well. People suffering from a wide range of diseases—from autism to osteoporosis, from diabetes to rheumatoid arthritis—can often benefit from this change in diet. Even people with no health issues have a great deal to gain by giving up gluten. The G-free diet can help with weight management. It can elevate your energy levels, improve your attention span, and speed up your digestion.” She seems to have a very clear idea about her diet and lifestyle.


The easily available options that Elisabeth Hasselbeck opts for are:  rice, corn, barley, sorghum, amaranth and millet. She has also discovered that there are breads, pastas and cakes that are made from soy, rice, rye and corn, and that they are available in some special health stores. She would also get a fair selection of gluten free products in the health section of the big hypermarkets. So I guess she is doing great at being gluten-free.


When it comes to her fitness, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has joined the La Palestra gym in New York, which caters to many celebrities. In fact, La Palestra looks more like a luxury hotel than as a gym. This place obviously comes with the complete bandwagon of trainers, dietitians and of course the gym equipment. And additionally, it offers different courses that deal with other health-related issues. I am almost sure that it offers gluten-free solutions too which Ms. Hasselbeck is following currently.


Final Word on the Elisabeth Hasselbeck Diet:

It took quite a while for Elisabeth Hasselbeck to figure out that she is a celiac and finally she is on right track. If you find that there is something suspicious about how your body is reacting to wheat and wheat products, then there is a good chance that you might be allergic to gluten too. In that case, consult your doctor and make immediate changes to your diet.


Good luck!


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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Diet