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Jennifer Hawkins Diet

Celebrity Diet – Jennifer HawkinsThe Jennifer Hawkins diet is as stunning as the woman herself. This 1.80 meter tall Australian lass is best known for winning the Ms. Universe title in 2004. What is so stunning about her diet is that is very sensible. She is not on any fad diet and neither does she starve. Jennifer Hawkins’ diet involves staying away from the processed foods, which do not have any nutritive value and exercising right. Finally, Australia seems to have one healthy role model and scroll down below for some yummy details.


The Jennifer Hawkins Diet

According to Jennifer Hawkins, the quickest way to lose weight is to cut down on the starch and step up the exercise levels by a couple of notches. And whenever she has a big event coming her way, say like a wedding or a bikini photo shoot; she drinks a lot of water apart from her regular diet and and work out regimen. Besides, she is someone who loves to work up some sweat in the gym. “I love exercise. It’s my favorite part of the day,” she says with excitement in her eyes. Jennifer Hawkins works out 4 to 5 times a week. She also said, “Everyone gets a glow when they do exercise – it’s pretty much a cliché those things but I know when I exercise I feel better, I feel more confident.” On a typical day at the gym, she would do 30 minutes of power cardio followed by 30 minutes of resistance training. Then she does yoga during the day for about 45 minutes. Yoga is her calm place or so she says.


When it comes to her diet, Jennifer Hawkins starts her day with whole grain bread toasts with omelet, or muesli with fruits, or oats porridge with honey. For snacks she has fruits and nuts. Her lunch usually would consist of lean meat with vegetables. By lean meat, it almost always is chicken, because she loves it. Jennifer Hawkins says, ‘Food has to be exciting. Depriving yourself makes you crave things more.’ Her dinner is more or less like her lunch. She sometimes has rice or whole wheat pasta for dinner along with poached fish or turkey.


Final Word on the Jennifer Hawkins Diet

Jennifer Hawkins' diet is pretty healthy and sensible. It gets a double thumbs-up signal from me. I have always believed that there are no shortcuts to a great looking body. The best way to get it is to be on a healthy diet and to exercise regularly. Jennifer Hawkins, clearly sets the right example here for all of us.


Mazel Tov!


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Jennifer Hawkins Diet