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Celiac Diet Menu

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Celiac Diet Menu - Wheat And GrainsIf you suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease, then incorporating gluten-free food to your diet can save you from a lot of physical discomfort. Comprising of food that are low in gluten, a typical celiac diet menu chart includes foods like meat, fish, poultry dark, leafy vegetables, skimmed milk, nuts, cheese, yogurt, and fruits. The basic idea is to avoid foods that contain any traces of gluten in it. Since, this diet menu has been specifically devised for those suffering from wheat or gluten intolerance, foods like wheat, barley, rye, noodle soups, croutons, and snack cakes should be strictly avoided.


Foods To Eat And Avoid In Celiac Diet Menu




Dry Fruits

Wheat Crackers

Fruit Juices

Energy Bars



Leafy Vegetables



Processed Foods

Gluten-Free Food Choices For Celiac Diet Menu


Tortilla Chips

If you are looking for healthy gluten-free food substitutes, then noshing on tortilla chips served with mild flavoring could do wonders for both your health and taste buds. Made of corn, tortilla chips are usually gluten-free, unlike wheat and makes for a safe bet for those suffering from celiac disease.


Herbed Steamed Vegetables

Herbed Steamed Vegetable

Vegetables are the safest food choice for any one suffering from celiac disease, since vegetables are relatively free from gluten. Just grab squash, bell peppers, beans, cauliflower and potatoes, steam them until tender, sprinkle some black pepper, and cheese, and you have yummy herbed steamed vegetable all ready to be relished.


Broiled Tuna Melt

Broiled Tuna Melt

Tunas aren’t just an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, but are free from gluten, which makes this warm-water fatty fish an excellent choice for gluten-intolerants. Just mash the tuna and add cottage cheese to it, roll it on toasted breadcrumbs and broil.


Grilled Whole Fish

Grilled Whole Fish

Finger-licking good and wholesome, grilled whole fish makes for a perfect main course menu choice for diners looking to skip the regular bread and meat fare. Whole fish  marinated with gingerroot, soy, sugar, salt, sake and a dash of oil and grilled till soft is what makes this gluten-free disease so delectable and celiac friendly.


Celiac diet menu, for the most part, avoids food that contains even small traces of gluten. Eating gluten-free food won’t just help in averting the unpleasant symptoms of gluten intolerance, but will also help you to lose weight.

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Celiac Diet Menu