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Natural Supplements Cancer

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You might usually choose medical procedures to treat cancer; however, one must be aware that there are several natural supplements for cancer that act as an adjunct to conventional modes of treatment and management. A few such natural supplements are listed below.


Natural Supplements that Help in Cancer Prevention or Treatment


Capsaicin: According to certain recent studies, Capsaicin obtained from hot peppers like cayenne is known to kill the prostate cancer cells.


Cat's Claw: Cat’s claw is an herb that helps to increase the number of white blood cells in patients receiving chemotherapy. This herb has been tested on animals for efficacy of use. This is a great herb for maintaining the well being of cancer patients who usually lose WBCs during chemotherapy.


Noni: Noni is a fruit known for the healing properties that it offers to the cancer patients. This fruit has several benefits as it is high in antioxidants, relieves anti-inflammation, has low glycemic index and is good for the immune system too Dr. Eiichi Furusawa has scientifically tested the anti-cancer effect of noni against tumors in mice models.  


Omega-3: According to a few scientists, omega-3 obtained from fish decreases the risk of development of prostate cancer in men.


Pain Relief: Inflammation reduces the body’s defense mechanisms against infections. As a result chronic inflammation leads to an increased risk to colon cancer. Certain herbs, such as bromelain and yucca have been scientifically proven to minimize chronic inflammation and reduce cancer risk. Men who suffer from prostate cancer must consume raw palmetto in order to get relief from inflammation and painful urination.


Rosemary: Rosemary has been promoted by The University of Maryland Medical Center for the healing properties that it shows against cancer. According to several animal trials, the antioxidant property of this herb tends to provide relief against cancer of stomach, colon, breast, skin, and lung.


Stinging Nettle: Men who suffer from prostate disturbances should try stinging nettle. Extracts obtained from nettle help in reducing the swelling that occurs in men due to prostate. This herb is used in the form of an approved medicine in Germany in order to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia. Its healing properties have been confirmed in other studies too which state that this herb must be taken to reduce frequent urination, nocturia, urine retention and painful urination.


Try the above mentioned natural supplements for cancer that will help you treat cancer without any side effects. 


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Natural Supplements Cancer