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Know The Fittness Secrets Of The World’s Sexiest Man Alive! You Guys Have To Check This Out!!!

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Who can ever forget the X-men hero Hugh Jackman and his overgrown sideburns in the movie! Yes, he is handsome and for his female fans, he is "invitingly manly" too, however cheesy that may sound. However, it was no less surprising when he was crowned People Magazine's World’s Sexiest Man Alive. Nevertheless, once you start looking at the man, you know why he invites such religious fan following and adulation even in men.

Jackman, the Wolverine of the X-Men, is an imposing presence at 6'3''. For his role in the X-Men: The Last Stand, this handsome hunk benched 315 pounds and leg-pressed 1,000 times. He also spent time learning tai chi and yoga positions for the famous "The Fountain" scene in the film. All this pretty much sums up the fitness secret of the World's sexiest man alive. Check out for more on Jackman and his mind-boggling fitness regime:

This guy, who has already proven to be a great action hero happens to be a great singer and a dancer too. We all saw a peek of that in the 2009 Oscar award ceremony. But, that’s not the topic of this blog. What everybody is really interested in is he manages to be in such an impressive shape, while being barely 40!


Jackman a workout freak!


Yes, how else do you think he has sculpted that fantastic shape! His workout regime stretches for about an hour and a half, which includes heavy lifting, slower reps, lighter weight loads and more.


He looks what he eats


Jackman is very particular about his diet too. He has it six times a day and eats mostly vegetables and lean proteins.


Reschedules his exercise regime


He never focuses on just one exercise regimen. In fact, depending upon his role in a particular movie or his mood, for that matter, he keeps changing his exercise schedule to accommodate his body needs as well as get the optimum results.

Here is a sample of his chest workout, as mentioned here:

• Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

• Flat Dumbbell Chest Press

• Seated Machine Press

• Decline Dumbbell Chest Press

It is not easy to be Hugh Jackman, certainly not overnight. But with time and patience, and of course with the fitness secrets of the world's sexiest man alive, you will certainly be in the vicinity.

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Know The Fittness Secrets Of The World’s Sexiest Man Alive! You Guys Have To Check This Out!!!