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Drinking Sweet Tea For Diabetes Patients

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Drinking sweet tea for diabetes

Drinking sweet tea is a strict no-no for people suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is a condition wherein patients have high blood glucose levels due to impaired insulin activity. We all know that, intake of sugar is not advisable for diabetics and unsweetened varieties are better options. People who love their sweet teas do have another option. This is the addition of artificial zero calorie sweeteners. These satiate sweet tea cravings and at the same time do not affect blood glucose levels.


What is Sweet Tea?

Add sugar cubes or sweeteners to black tea or green tea and sweet tea is ready. Though, herbal teas flavored with honey are popular, honey has an equally high glycemic index. Hence, honey flavored teas must also be avoided. 


Drinking Sweet Tea - Taboo for Diabetics

People suffering from diabetes who want to try out teas for alleviating diabetes symptoms are better off developing a taste for unsweetened tea varieties. Unsweetened iced tea, green tea, etc are very relaxing and help in controlling diabetes by increasing insulin production and reduced glucose absorption. People who cannot do without their sweet cup of tea in the morning can try splenda and other articficial sweeteners for sweetening. However, stay away from fructose, glucose, sugar, honey and other such natural sweeteners.


Final verdict: Drinking sweet tea is not advised for diabetes patients


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Drinking Sweet Tea For Diabetes Patients