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Drinking Milk Tea For Diabetes Patients

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Drinking milk tea for diabetesDrinking milk tea is not very good for diabetes patients if they want the tea to help them control diabetes. Milk is very often added to black tea while addition of milk to green tea is rare. This addition of milk somehow nullifies the benefits of drinking tea for diabetes management. Scientists believe that addition of milk to tea dilutes its health benefits. Well, this is an ongoing debate and studies on for a conclusion.


What is Milk Tea?

Add a little bit of milk to black tea after brewing it and milk tea is ready. The milk extends a soothing effect on the strong flavor of tea. Tea connoisseurs have the freedom to add the desired quantity of milk.


Debate – Drinking Milk Tea is Beneficial or Not

Studies suggest that on adding milk to tea, insulin activity decreased by almost 90 percent. Surprisingly, addition of lemon did not bring about any decrease. Tea health benefits are due to the effect of chemicals called catechins which are abundant in green and black tea. Addition of milk interferes with catechin action since casein present in milk binds to catechins, renders them ineffective, and even reduces their concentration. Hence, drinking milk tea is not highly recommended for diabetes control.


Nevertheless, tea contains many other beneficial compounds that do not alter with addition of milk. Moreover, replacing dairy milk with soya milk seems to nullify the negative effects on tea catechins. Soya milk contains lecithin instead of casien, which does not interfere with catechin action. 


Thus, milk tea, though not highly recommended for diabetes, is not necessarily a taboo and may be consumed in small quatities. 


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Drinking Milk Tea For Diabetes Patients