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Drinking Iced Tea for Diabetes Management

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Drinking iced tea for diabetesDrinking iced tea for diabetes has similar effects as drinking any herbal, black, or green teas. A glass of freshly brewed iced tea is the best to quench your thirst and if it is unsweetened, it can help in managing diabetes. Green and black teas are especially effective in controlling blood sugar levels and if desired these can be consumed iced without any loss in property.




What is iced tea?

Iced tea is cold tea served with ice in a glass. The tea is blended with syrups like peach, lemon, passion fruit etc. The tea used is mostly black tea but green is also popular. The tea is served ice cold sometimes refrigerated overnight. Unsweetened varieties of iced tea usually involve steeping tealeaves for long periods at low temperature.


How Does Drinking Iced Tea Benefit Diabetics

Unsweetened iced tea is calorie free and people with diabetes can consume it without guilt of any sort. Iced tea is a healthy alternative to sweetened drinks and sodas. They can also help in maintaining weight, which is crucial for people suffering from diabetes.

Iced tea and teas in general contain theanins which mimic insulin action and thereby regulates blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a condition where in the body has reduced insulin production. With the intake of iced tea, blood glucose levels reduce due to action of theanins.


Drinking iced tea of both green and black varieties have been found to be useful for control of diabetes, albeit, regular consumption is carried out under a physicians’ supervision.


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Drinking Iced Tea For Diabetes Management