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Drinking Herbal Tea For Diabetes Management

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Drinking herbal tea for diabetes Those of you who are looking for naturopathy for managing diabetes can try drinking herbal tea. We are so used to popping pills that very often a healthy alternative like herbal teas do not gain priority. Well, herbal teas are becoming popular for controlling diabetes. They provide the perfect marriage of Eastern and Western medicinal techniques and approach.


What is herbal tea?

As the name suggests certain herbs are brewed in water and if desired lemon and honey are added for an extra flavor. There are many herbal teas available these days but this blog limits itself to the mention of two of the most effective herbal teas for diabetes, bilberry tea, and sage tea. Bilberry tea is made using Bilberry, more commonly known as Huckleberry and sage leaves are used in sage tea.


How Does Drinking Herbal Tea Help in Diabetes Management?

Bilberry tea alleviates symptoms of type 2 diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes. The tea contains compound called as glucoquinine which effectively reduces blood glucose levels. Bilberry herbal tea is used for treating diabetes complications related to eyes and nerves too.

Sage tea boosts insulin activity in people suffering from diabetes. The herbal tea is most effective in type 2 diabetes.

Prior to starting drinking herbal tea for diabetes control, it would be better to consult a physician. Sometimes the diabetic medications would be sufficient to keep blood sugar levels in control and addition of herbal tea can lower glucose levels to unhealthy ranges.


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Drinking Herbal Tea For Diabetes Management