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Cucumber For Weight Loss

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Have you ever tried using cucumber for weight loss? If yes then you might have also got introduced to its other health benefits and if your answer is no then you need to give it a try. Cucumber has been an integral part of many weight loss diets since last many years due to its effective assistance in weight loss and due to other health properties that it offers.

Cucumber and Weight Loss

Cucumber induces weight loss in not just one but three ways.

  • Cucumbers are loaded with fibers and they are slow digesting too. They trigger the feeling of fullness within the eater within a very short time period. The cucumber being fiber rich is also a slow digesting food which means it will remain in the stomach for long time.
  • Cucumber is the best diuretic ever known to man. It is loaded with silicon and sulphur.  These minerals stimulate the kidney to flush out uric acid which is a waste byproduct. When uric acid is flushed out of the system it triggers the removal of fat and detaches the fat contents from the cells. It has been found that people who includ cucumber in their weight loss diet routine experienced weight loss in short time frame because it also helped to break down the water weight.  
  • Cucumber has low calorific values, so they can be great substitute for high calorie snacks such as pretzels, chips, etc.


Tips For Using Cucumber In a Weight Loss Diet
If you are serious about having cucumber for weight loss then you need to devise multiple ways of using it without getting bored easily. Here are some of the tips that can aid you in making the eating decisions:

  • Snack: Try to include cucumber with an appetizer or snack like spreading low-fat cream cheese over the whole-grain crackers and topping it with cucumber slices. The cucumbers can be a healthy alternative to crunchy chips, so pair them along with carrot sticks and serve or eat with a low fat dipping.
  • Soups and Stews: Chop and add cucumbers to stews and soups. Cucumbers can pair well with heartier, strong and mild vegetables ranging from sweet potatoes to asparagus. A vegetable based soup containing cucumbers and cooked with vegetable broth can be filling. Such soups are also low in calories and high in water content and possess diuretic properties.  These soups can help in alleviating bloating, water retention, and ease digestion too.
  • Smoothie: Cucumbers can be blended into a smoothie and served during the breakfast. They can work great in green smoothies and team well with fat ingredients like avocados too. When teamed with such fatty ingredients the cucumber aids in waste elimination and nutrient absorption. A diet friendly smoothie can be easily prepared by combining chopped greens, apple, cucumber and avocado.
  • Salads: Cube or chop the cucumbers and combine it with other high fiber vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, mushrooms, pepper, and romaine lettuce.   The salad can be dressed with vinegar and oil. The healthy fats in oil will also aid in absorbing nutrients provided by cucumber.


Cucumber is a strong diuretic and it can aid body in more than one ways. It also offers a bevy of health properties other than weight loss. So make it an integral part of your weight loss regime. 



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Cucumber For Weight Loss