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Drinking Ginger Tea For Diabetes Management

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Drinking ginger tea for diabetesDrinking ginger tea benefits people with diabetes by alleviating diabetic complications and symptoms. Ginger tea is a household herbal remedy for anything from cold to cancer. Well, research has come up with one more health benefit of ginger tea and this time the diabetics should be happy. Regular consumption of ginger tea has been found to reduce or prolong kidney damage in people suffering from diabetes.


What is Ginger Tea?

Ginger root is grated and boiled with water. The decoction is strained and lemon or honey added for flavoring. Ginger tea is very effective for common cold, cough, etc. 


How Does Drinking Ginger Tea Benefit Diabetic Patients?

Diabetic patients, who consume ginger tea regularly, can put off kidney damage to a very large extent claim researchers. Another very interesting discovery which study on ginger tea revealed was that ginger contains high amount of zinc which plays an important role in production and secretion of insulin. Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood glucose levels and diabetics complain of low insulin production. A decrease in zinc levels can affect insulin levels leading to diabetes symptoms. Thus, regular drinking of ginger tea can supply the body with zinc which in turn can help in maintaining insulin production.


Drinking one or 2 cups of ginger tea, a day can benefit people suffering from diabetes. Nevertheless, it is important to take prescribed diabetic medications as advised by the physician. Initiation of any herbal tea treatment like drinking ginger tea should be conducted under the supervision of the physician only.


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Drinking Ginger Tea For Diabetes Management