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Drinking Camomile Tea For Diabetes Management

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Drinking camomile tea for diabetes

People suffering from diabetes can try drinking chamomile tea for diabetes management, suggests recent research conducted on the effect of chamomile extracts on blood glucose levels. Camomile tea is not new to the tea drinking community and is known for its beneficial effects on vision, nerves, and kidneys.


What is Camomile Tea?

Camomile tea is Matricaria recutita plant leaves or flowers infused in hot water. This is also known as German camomile and is more popular than the Roman camomile or Chamaemelum nobile. Research done on German camomile is more extensive when compared to its Roman counterpart. Results of many studies conducted in various universities confirm that chamomile tea does prevent progression of diabetes.


Drinking Camomile Tea for Management of Diabetes

Diabetic patients have decreased secretion of insulin, the hormone responsible for the regulation of sugar in the blood. Camomile tea decreases blood glucose levels as well as prevents the occurrence of hyperglycemia as seen in clinical studies conducted on rats by scientists in UK. Moreover, the tea also reduces occurrence of diabetes complications such as retinopathy, cataract, and nephropathy.


These are preliminary research results and would need further work to confirm the benefits  of  camomile extract in diabetes. However, the scientific community is sure that drinking camomile tea, 2 cups a day, can help in diabetes control as well as alleviate symptoms of type 2 diabetes. 


Since, this tea does not seem to pose any untoward side effect, one could surely try drinking camomile tea to control diabetes. 


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Drinking Camomile Tea For Diabetes Management