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Drinking Black Tea For Diabetes

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Drinking black tea for diabetesPreliminary research indicates that drinking black tea for diabetes management is indeed effective. Black tea suddenly finds itself sharing its status with green tea after researchers concluded that certain black tea components mimic insulin in their actions and thereby help in diabetes management. Research on black tea effects on type 2 diabetes is being conducted in universities the world over.



What is Black Tea?

Black tea is the leaves on Camellia sinensis plant which have been dried and fermented. The process of fermentation gives the tea its characteristic dark color and strong flavor.


Drinking Black Tea Benefits for Diabetics

Drinking black tea has many health benefits including immunity boost, ample antioxidants, anti-hypertensive properties. Effect on diabetes is an additional health benefit that recent research has unraveled with regard to black tea. Diabetes patients have increased blood sugar levels and black tea has shown promising research results for the management of the same. Let us see how drinking black tea helps people with diabetes:


  • Black tea contains polysaccharides, which is a carbohydrate consisting of cellulose and starch. Polysaccharides can slow down the absorption of glucose. Findings indicate that black tea polysaccharides are the most effective inhibitors of glucose absorption in comparison to even green and oolong teas.
  • Fermented black tea contains theaflavins and thearubigins which mimic insulin in their actions and thereby reduce blood glucose levels.


Drinking Black Tea for Diabetes Management

Most of the scientific research are in their preliminary stages and need further studies for complete understanding. In the meantime, consume black tea for diabetes control under the advice and supervision of your physician.

Interestingly, benefits of drinking black tea for diabetes control nullifies with the addition of milk to the tea. Over 90 percent of the observed insulin activity disappears on adding milk to black tea. However, adding lemon juice to tea, as is a common practice in many places, does not harm the insulin activity in anyway.


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Drinking Black Tea For Diabetes