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Drinking Green Tea For Diabetes Management

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Drinking green tea for diabetesDrinking green tea for diabetes management is indeed effective claim scientific studies. People suffering from diabetes and those who would prefer to adopt natural methods to control it, can try out drinking green tea for its benefits, aka under the supervision of a physician. Diabetes is a condition where in the patient has increased blood glucose level. Studies conducted world over have discovered that some of the components present in green tea are able to successfully control the blood glucose levels and thereby keep diabetes in check. Let us read more about these components in green tea and the mechanism used for control of blood sugar levels.



Evidence in Support of Drinking Green Tea for Diabetes Control

Studies on animals conducted by researchers across the globe suggest that green tea does prevent development of type 1 diabetes. In many cases, drinking green tea slowed down the progression of the condition once it developed. Green tea is instrumental in regulating use of glucose in the body by increasing production of insulin, the hormone that converts sugar and foods to energy needed by the body. Green tea has an effect on blood pressure levels too which in turn helps in managing blood glucose levels.


How Does Drinking Green Tea Help Diabetes Patients

Green tea is rich in antioxidants called as polyphenols and the bitter taste while drinking green tea is due to these polyphenols. In addition, the green herbal tea contains catechins, and polysaccharides which promote normal cell function. Of the catechins present in the herbal tea, the strongest is the apigallochatechin gallate or EGCG. This is abundant in green tea and is mainly responsible for all the effects of green tea on diabetes. EGCG slows down development of diabetes according to studies. People suffering from type- 2 diabetes, too have hope in green tea. Regular drinking of green tea lowers spikes in blood sugar levels. This can reduce further diabetic complications related to nerves, eye, and kidney. People on weight loss diets can include this green herbal tea in their diets to quicken weight loss process. Reduced weight would invariably slow down the process of disease development.


Green Tea for Diabetes Management

Green tea is a safe commodity according to the US Food and Drug Administration. The caffeine in green tea may trigger side effects but its benefits far outweigh its negligible side effects. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult physician prior to drinking green tea for diabetes management regularly.


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Drinking Green Tea For Diabetes Management