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Kate Bosworth Diet

Celebrity Diet - Kate Bosworth


The Kate Bosworth is really scary right now. Rumor (possibly true) has it that this skinny actress weighs under 40 kilos. That is was below her ideal weight for her 5' 5” frame. I am not sure if it is the Kate Bosworth Diet that is responsible for her present condition, but if someone is going to tell me that she is naturally skinny and naturally petite, I would be pretty much sure that they must be her publicity and damage control agents. She was in her healthiest best when she was shooting for the movie, Blue Crush. But, right now, news tabloids read: “Kate Bosworth looks much better with her clothes on.” If I were she, I would be downright embarrassed. But, I'm going to stop it at that and write about her healthy 'Blue Crush' diet.


The Kate Bosworth Diet:

Please note that this diet regimen is from her past, because I will not recommend her present one, because she is probably both anorexic and bulimic now. 


When she was doing the Blue Crush movie in 2002, Kate Bosworth's breakfasts be scrambled-egg tortillas. For lunch, she would have poached chicken breast with avocado. For dinner, she had grilled fish with some rice. She basically had a lot of protein, vegetables and fruits. She also used to drink a lot of herbal tea. And no wonder Kate Bosworth was in her ideal weight back then.


She used to work out every day and at the surf in the sea for 6 hours. She also used run several miles on the beach every day. She would spend 1 hour in the gym, doing weight training. I remember in that movie, she was so fit and toned. Interestingly, in that phase, Kate Bosworth did not even have a personal trainer.


Final Word on the Kate Bosworth Diet:

Her diet and workout regimen during her Blue Crush days are pretty good. However, I would suggest that some more of whole grain carbohydrates can be added to the diet. Carbs, protein and fat must be present in the right amounts in every meal. You should also consult a doctor before going on any kind of diet. And do model yourself after how she looks right now.

Skinny is not sexy! Amen!


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Kate Bosworth Diet