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Kids Diet Menu

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Kids Diet Menu- Guacamole BurgerIf your child’s growing weight is posing as a concern for you, then switching on to kids diet would be a healthy bet. Replete with high-fiber, low-fat, nutrient dense foods, the Kids diet menu plan includes food like  whole-grains, fresh fruits, low-fat milk, low-fat cream cheese, eggs, vegetables, yogurt and more. Children love to binge, especially when it comes to junk food. Tweaking up their diet and replacing unhealthy food options like  fried food, processed food, and frozen food with healthier options like whole-wheat macaroni and spaghetti, fresh veggie pizza, turkey meatballs, baked chicken nuggets, etc. would surely make a difference. Making the necessary amends in your kids’ diet won’t just save them from turning obese, but will also keep them high on energy, health and fitness.



Kids Diet Menu Do’s And Don’ts






Processed Foods

Oily Fish

Fatty Foods


Sugary Foods

Vegetable Oils

Salty Foods


Foods With Additives



Tasty Kids Diet Menu Options



Herb Steamed Cauliflower

Herb Steamed Salad

Herbed steamed cauliflower, made with cauliflower, bay leaf, marjoram, thyme, and chicken broth, is tickling to the taste buds and makes for a yummy starter for your fussy little eaters.



Chicken And Bean Quesadillas

Chicken And Bean Quesadillas

Chicken and bean quesadillas is a yummy side dish that can be prepared in a snap. All you need is cooked chicken, cheese, black beans, tortillas, onion and chili powder, and you have a delish dish that is likely to be a huge hit with your kids.



Whole Wheat Pasta With Pine Nuts

Whole-wheat pasta with pine nuts is a wholesome dish, prepared with whole-wheat linguine, pine nuts, pepper, parsley, cloves, and olive oil. Healthy, tasty and extremely dense in fiber and proteins, this lip smacking main course menu is every food lover’s delight.



Low-Fat Carrot Cake

Low-Fat Carrot Cake

Low-fat carrot cake is a delicious, low-fat dessert. Made with carrots, pineapple, prune butter, egg whites, coconut, flour, vanilla, and sugar, this light dessert is indeed high on taste and health.



Kids diet menu basically includes nutrition dense, low calorie foods that helps to boost their energy and fitness levels and is meant to leave them feeling light and healthy althrough.

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Kids Diet Menu