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Pasta For Weight Loss

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For years pasta hasbeen notorious as a fattening food but recently it was cleared of all bad publicity and declared as a food which serves fewer calories and lots of nutrients. That means one can try pasta for weight loss. Yew! This can be great news for all pasta lovers who are finding ways to chomp this in all possible manners. Read through this blog to find what goes in the favor of this once-upon-a-time fattening food.




Non Fattening Facts About Pasta


  • Pasta, like rice and bread, is a complex form of carbohydrate and it takes time to break up within our intestine. Then it takes further more time to enter into our blood stream and alter the blood sugar levels. The heightened blood sugar levels ignite the tendency of binge eating and shoot the weight gain. So, having a bowl of pasta during lunch is sufficient to keep you going until the dinner time.
  • Pasta has high fiber content which will help to keep your hunger in check for long time and keep you from reaching out to those fattening foods when you suffer from low will power.
  • Pastas are low in calories which is one of the mandatory requirements of any weight loss diet. So, adding them to the diet will be one of the healthiest decisions you would have ever made in your life.

If you feel that these reasons are still not enough to convince you from coming closer to pasta then surely we can guarantee you that eating some of it will make you realize the gravity of our talk.


Recipes To Bring Weight Loss Using Pasta


  • Pasta with mushroom sauce:
    The pasta is cooked separately and drained. The accompanying mushroom sauce deserves all credit. The mushroom sauce is conjured up with olive oil, garlic, mushrooms, low fat milk, continental parsley, plain flour, grated cheddar and salt and pepper. The sauce is first prepared and the cooked pasta is drenched in it. The dish is served hot with slice of crusty ciabatta bread.


  • Pasta Delight:
    As the name suggests this recipe is a real time delight due to choice of ingredients. You can cook this pasta easily if you have ingredients such as broccoli, carrot, garlic, green peas, Parmesan cheese, and Italian seasoning. This pasta is easy to cook and serves you just 204 calories.


  • Salmon and Herb Penne:
    This pasta dish combines the goodness of various low calorie ingredients such as low sodium chicken broth or white wine, wheat pasta, garlic cloves, boneless salmon fillets, and fresh ingredients such as basil, capers and oregano. This pasta can be eaten to heart’s content and it only serves 385 calories per serving. That means this can easily pass of as a sumptuous breakfast.





Pasta made up of wheat flour or semolina flour is considered better. If you are allergic to either semolina or wheat pastas then the supermarket shelves are loaded with variants which are less allergic and have added proteins and heart healthy fatty acids. You can even go for pastas made up of brown rice flour. You can consider all types of pastas for weight loss but only you need to take care of the portion sizes.


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Pasta For Weight Loss