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Menopause Diet Pills

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Menopause Diet PillsAlmost 90% of menopausal women experience weight gain and obesity related health problems. However, losing weight at this stage of life can turn out to be a nightmare with hormones making your body conserve every oz of food one consumes. The menopause diet pills can turn to be the only solution for these women to shed the extra body fat. Here is a brief study on the diet pills for menopause stage.


Brief Discussion on Menopause Diet Pills

The reason behind the obesity problem for menopausal women is the imbalance of hormones – estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Therefore, the objective to treat weight gain in this condition would be to bring a balance among the hormones. The normal appetite suppressor or metabolism booster diet pills; may not prove as effective as the diet pills, which additionally take care of the imbalance of hormones. Following is the list of certain diet pills suitable for menopausal women.

Estrin D

Estrin D is a specific choice of diet pill for the menopausal women. Based on herbal ingredients, it increases the metabolic rate and boosts up the stamina by stabilizing the changes. As a result, one can reduce extra body fat by controlling the hot flashes or mood swings during this stage.


Herbal Non-estrogenic Supplements

The non-estrogenic herbal supplements directly address the problem of hormone imbalance for menopausal women. These herbs stimulate the glands to produce sufficient hormones and thus to maintain a normal balance. The balance of hormones, automatically leads to losing extra pounds. Macafem is one such herb, having non-estrogenic property.


To reduce the menopausal body weight, the combination of pills, menopasue diet, and exercise produces best outcome. Therefore, before buying any over-the-counter menopause diet pills, one should consult her physician to learn about the most effective alternative.


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Menopause Diet Pills