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High Blood Pressure Diet Pills

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High Blood Pressure

Several conventional diet pills have a tendency to raise the metabolic activity of the body to such an extent that the blood pressure can shoot up, a risky affair for hypertensives. Hence, the commonly available diet pills are considered unsafe for patients with high blood pressure. However, there are safe alternatives too…here is a look at the clinically approved high blood pressure diet pills. Read on to learn more about them… 



Safe Diet Pills for High Blood Pressure

Proactol Plus

Considered among the best choices, this diet pill is completely safe for patients with high blood pressure. Proactol Plus reduces the calorie consumption to a significant quantity, which in turn leads to safe weight loss. On top of that, it is quite effective on reducing blood cholesterol. High level of blood cholesterol automatically results into high blood pressure. Proactol Plus keeps the blood pressure within normal range by reducing the blood cholesterol level.


Pure Acai Berry

The supplement of Pure Acai Berry is another safe diet pill alternative for hypertension patients. Acai Berry is a natural and effective product for weight loss. It does not have any severe after effect, particularly when consumed as per the doctor’s prescription. People with high blood pressure can safely continue with their normal medication along with Acai Berry supplement.



Capsiplex is another natural product, based on chili pepper. The extract of chili pepper has the properties to enhance the metabolic rate and suppress the appetite without causing any serious after effect, including high blood pressure.


Pure Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Gordonii is one of the best natural weight loss supplements and one of the safe diet pills for high blood pressure too. This natural supplement works only as an appetite suppressant and not as a metabolism booster. Hence, it will have no direct effect on your high blood pressure.



Xenical is a prescription-weight-loss medication that is quite safe for patients of high blood pressure. The medicine works as lipase inhibitor, to stop the absorption of consumed fat in the digestive system. Since it does not affect the metabolic rate, the concern of high blood pressure does not arise at all.


However, before taking any diet pills, you should first consult your physician to learn the pros and cons about the supplement or medication.


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High Blood Pressure Diet Pills