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Squash For Weight Loss

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Dear Squash, How would I have survived without your fiber?


This is a tribute to the squash for serving us fiber and health all these years.  But our question is are you ready to try squash for weight loss?  The squashes come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Be it a summer squash or a colorful winter squash they can be actively involved in your weight loss plan.  Read through this blog to understand which all summer or winter squashes can aid you in weight loss and how do they do it?


Squash and Weight Loss

The squash is loaded with antioxidants which are nutrient dense.  All varieties of squashes are nutrient dense but the winter varieties are denser than the summer ones. The winter squashes are enriched with beta-carotene and Vitamin B variants than the summer ones. These squashes are loaded with fiber which trickles the satiety center of the brain and fools it to believe that stomach is full. The squashes are loaded with many variants of antioxidants which can strike down different diseases. The squash belongs to the league of foods having negative energy. Extra energy is required to absorb such foods into the stomach. All the unusable energy is used up by the body in this form.


 Healthy Ways of Eating Squash For Weight loss

You can easily add squash to your weight loss diet. The squash baked with a sprinkle of sage or other herbs can be served as a substitute for fries. Brushing little low fat oil can do wonders to this snack. The squash can be barbecued on skewers and served with the low fat dressings. Or the barbecued squash can be grated and added to the salad.  They work out in all ways. Squash chunks can be served after sprinkling little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg.


We need to reinvent the saying “Apple a day keeps the doctor away” to “Squash a day keeps the doctor away”.  Try the squash for weight loss and we are damn sure that you will not be disappointed.


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Squash For Weight Loss