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Underactive thyroid


If you have underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism, it means your thyroid gland has been producing fewer hormones than required. This can lead to a series of metabolic aberrations including weight gain, lethargy, low BMR, etc. Though, conventional drugs help to manage the condition, diet plays an important role in preventing further deterioration of the gland, This article talks about various underactive thyroid foods to eat that will help fight the condition better. 


Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) is a very common problem occurring to many individuals across the world. This decreases the body’s metabolism, leading to various symptoms such as weight gain, constipation, and tiredness.

However food alone cannot treat an underactive thyroid entirely, there are certain foods which can be eaten to make your thyroid function at a more optimal level.

Underactive thyroid foods to eat:


Iodine rich foods:


Iodine is very important for the proper function of thyroid. The most common and easiest way to consume iodine is to use iodized salt in your diet. There are certain foods such as cow’s milk, yogurt, sea food and seaweeds which contain iodine naturally.


Whole grain foods:


Whole grain foods contain antioxidants and fiber which help in promoting strong immune system and stimulate proper digestive function. Whole grains are also low-glyemic and as such, they have a mild impact on blood sugar levels. Eating low-glycemic foods are an important dietary step for the individuals having underactive thyroid. Some of the best examples of whole grains are brown rice, barley, and oatmeal.


Fruits and vegetables:


Along with providing fiber and antioxidants, fruits and vegetables can relieve constipation associated with underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism. Some of the best thyroid friendly and antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables include strawberries, blueberries, green bell peppers, tomatoes, and winter squash.




Nuts are very much recommended for the formation of thyroid hormones as they are rich source of selenium. One of the best ways to get enough selenium in your diet is to eat couple of Brazil nuts every day.


Omega 3 rich foods:


Omega 3 rich foods such as salmon and eggs are very beneficial for the person suffering from underactive thyroid. The omega 3 rich foods contain an amino acid known as tyrosine, which often combines with iodine in order to form thyroid hormones. You can also consume oats, almonds and bananas to get enough tyrosine.


Tips: Foods to avoid during underactive thyroid problem

Foods for underactive thyroid

  • Excessive intake of sugar can be harmful to the thyroid glands. Therefore makes sure to avoid high sugar foods. Caffeine is also something not to consume a lot when having underactive thyroid. Caffeine has the tendency to slow down the thyroid function.
  • Goitrogen is a substance which can block absorbance of iodine. You can find goitrogen in various vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and turnip as well as in soybeans and peanuts. Make sure not to eat such foods.
  • Foods with high content of iron can also be avoided with underactive thyroid. Iron can block the thyroid hormone production. Similarly, calcium, aluminum and magnesium can also interfere with thyroid function if consumed in excessive amount.

Hope this article will help you in knowing the best Underactive Thyroid Foods to eat as well as the foods to avoid. Just by changing your eating habits, you can lead a trouble free life.


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Underactive Thyroid Foods To Eat