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Morning sicknessPregnancy is the most memorable and significant event in woman’s life but along with this joy you experience dizziness of morning sickness. Rather than any medications, try these natural foods to eat for morning sickness.


Morning sickness can affect up to 80% of pregnant women and there is no real knowledge on what actually causes the symptoms. You can stop morning sickness by tailoring your diet around such foods which will help you feel better.


Morning sickness foods to eat:




Ginger is very useful in fighting morning sickness and pregnancy nausea. Ginger is a well known natural anti-bacterial element which has antiemetic properties. Antiemetic property helps to control the feeling of morning sickness. You can use the ginger either in food preparation or can be consumed as ginger ale.


Lemon: best to reduce morning sickness

Lemon is very effective in reducing morning sickness, vomiting and nausea. Women feeling the symptoms of nauseas and vomiting could cure morning sickness just by sniffing at the lemon juice or the peel of a lemon.


Bland foods:


Bland foods like sandwiches, salads, crackers, pretzels and salads are the best food for morning sickness. These bland foods are less likely to irritate your stomach.


Protein foods:

You should eat food with protein in it before getting up in the morning. For example peanut butter is the good choice. You can also eat boiled eggs or nuts.


Cold foods:


Try to eat cold foods as they help in avoiding odors which may promote nausea. Some of the best examples of cold foods are yogurts, applesauce, puddings and cold cereals.



Natural Home remedies for treating morning sickness:


Following are some of the simple home remedies for fighting morning sickness:


  • Keep your room fresh and clean. Do not stay in dark and always take sufficient sunlight.

  • You can use a good fragrance room freshener such as lavender or mint which will sooths your nerves and make you feel comfortable.

  • Drink apple exact vinegar with honey before going to bed during night. This will keep the body temperature in control and reduces the tendency of morning sickness.


Tips: How to reduce morning sickness


  • Try to eat small meals throughout the day in order to avoid getting too full or too hungry.

  • Make sure to drink fluids throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

  • Get plenty of rest when you can. But do not take a nap right after a meal. This will cause nausea to be worse.

  • Avoid consuming artificial sweeteners and caffeine. Caffeine, when partnered with an artificial sweetener, can really trigger that dreadful morning sickness feeling.


Incorporate these morning sickness foods in your diet and see the difference by yourself. These are the simple changes but can have great benefits for some women.




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Morning Sickness Foods To Eat