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Hugh Jackman Diet

Celebrity Diet - Hugh JackmanThe Hugh Jackman diet is the Grand Daddy of all the tinsel town diets. In other words, it will kick your a**, let you get up and kick your a** again. Hugh Jackman was on a massive 6000 calorie diet as he prepared for his title role as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise movie. While I'm still trying to comprehend how the human body can process 6000 calories and turn them into muscles, Hugh Jackman makes it look easy. He had to match up with his comic book counterpart after all, didn't he? Let's check out how Hugh Jackman is beefing up. I suppose it is 'First Class'!


Hugh Jackman Diet!

What is the secret? Lots and lots of protein in any form. Hugh Jackman drank whey protein isolates every 2 hours and if he got a little bored with the protein drink, his personal trainer Michael Ryan made him eat steamed chicken and vegetables every three hours. Chicken, apart from containing a great amount of protein, it is also a rich source of Vitamin B6. This Vitamin helps in breaking down glycogen (sugar and starch) which is essential if you are aiming at those shirt ripping muscles.


But what did Hugh Jackman do at the gym to get that 210 pounds of pure, glorious muscle? Many of the Wolverine comics' fans know that the comic book hero is much shorter, and thicker than our 6'2” Hugh Jackman. So the director Darren Aronofsky asked him to get there. Hugh Jackman aimed at a Mike Tyson like physique and did 2 phases of training. The first phase was to gain muscle and the second phase was strength training, and each phase was for 6 weeks. Michael Ryan made him to do his reps 3 seconds up, 1 second down tempo. Simply put his strength training was all about lifting heavy weights as much as possible. But first he had to gain a lean frame and build muscles on top of it.


During the last week of each phase of training, he would lift weights only once. For the rest of the week he would perform interval cardio workouts. This was to get that excellent muscle definition he has now. These were high intense workouts that helped him burn off any fat that he might have gained in the previous weeks. He consumed 6000 calories everyday remember?


Final Word on the Hugh Jackman Diet:

  1. Consult a doctor before deciding to consume 6000 calories. You need to figure out what could be your maximum allowable calorie intake a day. Do not attempt this without professional supervision.

  2. All calories and no proper training will make you fat and not fab. Find yourself a good trainer for that.


Good luck!

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Hugh Jackman Diet