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Kendra Wilkinison Diet

Clebrity Diet - Kendra WilkinsonDo you know what the Kendra Wilkinson's post pregnancy diet was? If you are a new mommy and if you are looking at losing that pregnancy weight, then the Kendra Wilkinson Diet is for you. The Girls Next Door star weighed 140 pounds just after the birth of her son, but she has managed to shed 30lbs and get back to her sexy Playboy's Playmate body. She says, “I have to be in shape. It’s my way of life!”. So, let's check out the Kendra Wilkinson diet and her way of life.


The Kendra Wilkinson Diet:

Kendra Wilkinson's baby came into this world through a C-section. This meant that she wasn't supposed to get back to working out for 6 weeks. Tending her son is a workout by itself, she said. However, her trainer Jesse Brune from Bravo TV’s fitness show Work Out was the real secret behind her weight loss. She said, “He got me into the best shape of my life, so he’ll whip me back into shape in record time.” On a typical day, her workout schedule would be something like this. Kendra would start with a low impact cardio for 45 mins on the treadmill or swim. For her upper body workout, she would use the pull-down machine doing 12 reps each for each three circuits. To tone up her legs, Kendra Wilkinson would do two sets of 20 for all leg workouts which are: first position squats, second position squats, traditional squats and leg lunges. For her abdominals, Kendra Wilkinson would do 2 to 3 sets of 10 of different abdominal crunches.


When it comes to her diet, Kendra Wilkinson has very healthy foods for her meals. Her trainer says, “It’s about portion control, healthy choices and not mixing proteins and carbs in the same meal because they digest differently”. She starts off her day with some whole grain cereals. She also has cereal bars and apples snacks. She eats salads and sometimes some chicken for lunch. For dinner, she has grilled chicken or turkey and some raw vegetables.


Final Word on the Kendra Wilkinson Diet:

Kendra Wilkinson has lost her pregnancy weight the healthy way and has got back in shape. After all which new mommy doesn't want to? However, as a new nursing mother, you need to make sure that all your meals are nutrient rich and that your average calorie consumption is higher than usual. Consult you doctor and work out a diet plan that would suit your lifestyle.


Mazel Tov!


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Kendra Wilkinison Diet