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Lime For Weight Loss

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Ever tried eating or drinking lime for weight loss! Eating lime on its own or squeezing lime into the water will help in getting rid of the flab and cleansing the body of toxins, thus aid in losing weight the natural way. This blog will show you how you can benefit from a lime.








Lime and Weight Loss

Lime and weight loss are related to each other in more than one ways. It is loaded with vitamin C and low in calories. The higher amount of vitamin C in blood helps to get rid of abdominal fat and aids in reducing the blood lipids. The vitamin C alters the glucose to energy conversion ratio and lowers the chances of fat being deposited in the body.  

Scientists have found that the people who consumed lime in moderate amounts stood higher chances of burning at least 30% more fat during the moderate exercises compared to the ones who rarely had it. Moreover, the lime has high satiety value, which creates a feeling of fullness for a long time. Perking up the lime consumption with some herbs or other natural weight loss ingredients can be even more beneficial.


How Important Is Choosing The Correct Type of Lime?

Choosing right kind of lime is an important part of the weight loss part. Limes vary a lot in terms of thickness, seeds, and juiciness. For best benefits, the small and round limes which resemble lemon should be preferred over big thick-skinned ones. Lime turns yellowish when they start ripening. The greenest limes exude best flavor. So, it is always recommended to go for greenest limes if you want to harness the full potentials of lime for weight loss and health.


How to Use Lime For Weight Loss?

Lime should be used in such a way that it delivers you maximum benefits.  

  • For best results, the lime should be brought into the room temperature before slicing or juicing it. The freshly squeezed lime can be consumed straight or it can be combined with luke warm water and honey. The properties of lime in combination of honey tend to deliver a powerful zing to your weight loss goals.
  • The limejuice can be substituted in food preparations involving beans because it drastically reduces the salt required for flavoring the beans.
  • The lime zest can be scraped using grater, knife, or zester and used as a flavoring agent in salads and desserts. 
  • The chilled limejuice can help in reducing the rate of fluid loss from the body during the scorching summer months. 


Final Thoughts

There is no single weight loss ingredient on earth. Weight loss is a combined effort of balanced diet, and exercise. 


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Lime For Weight Loss