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Grapes For Weight Loss

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Have you ever eaten grapes for weight loss?  Are you hooked to potato chips? You may ask what is the relationship between, potato chips, grapes and weight loss. Then here goes the answer...


 Eating bunchful of grapes can regulate the same satisfaction as eating same amount of potato chips. Then why not give up potato chips and opt for grapes? The side benefits and low caloric composition of this small wonder fruit makes it a wonderful snacking option. The grapes derive their health properties due to presence of phytochemicals. The grapes help body to get rid of the waste and water weight and they also aid in boosting the metabolism of the body. 


How are Grapes and Weight Loss Related To Each Other?

Until this day many people are aware of the apple diet for weight loss but grapes for weight loss can be something new for them. During some clinical trials it was proved that grapes aided in healthy weight maintenance and weight loss due to their low energy density.  The low-energy-dense-foods are loaded with fiber and water; also they have low fat and calorie contents. The fiber and water can trigger the feeling of satiety within the eater and help them to keep the hunger pangs at bay for long time.  That is why it is always best to try out low density choices like grapes for weight loss.



How To Eat Grapes For Weight Loss?

It has been observed that grapes can bring best weight loss results when combined with other low calorie foods.  The fruits can be eaten during breakfast, lunch or dinner as per our convenience.  


Health experts say that having a glass of grape power juice in the morning for breakfast can do wonders. The grape power juice can be prepared using celery and grapes. The apple juice can be mixed with the grapes to impart a sweeter taste.  Grapes can be served as a side dish for lunch or dinner. Having a bunch of grapes in the morning can help you to stay fit for long time and to curb your cravings. The grapes can be added to the salads to sweeten them. Frozen grapes can pass as a dessert during the scorching summer season.



Moderations in Usage

There is no harm in trying out the grapes for weight loss, but having more than three to four servings of fruit everyday can actually make you fat - say Dr. Melina Jampolis, the nutrition specialist with She adds that the fruit can contribute to overall weight gain if it is not balanced with other energy burning food groups in the diet. This is because the grapes have comparatively high sugar content which varies from 10-33% depending on their variety.


Selecting The Right Kind of Grapes

It is easier to have grapes for weight loss but selecting the right kind of grapes is equally interesting. The grapes that are translucent, with yellowish green color are considered best for consumption. If going for red grapes then it is good to go for the ones with bright crimson tones. If choosing the browned or shriveled grapes then it is best to go for refrigerated ones which are stored in plastic bags.



Having just a bowl of grapes for weight loss is not enough but it should be supplemented with proper diet and exercise.  Before using the grapes for weight loss it is best to talk to your nutrionist and make significant changes in overall food routine and your lifestyle.


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Grapes For Weight Loss