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All Protein Diet Menu

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All Protein Diet Menu-High Protein FoodsAll protein diet menu, as the name implies, is a food spread that is fairly high in proteins as compared to other  normal diet menus. While it’s easy to misconstrue protein diet as a diet regime that is solely loaded with proteins, know that this diet menu gratifies other dietary requirements of the body as well. Lean meat, fish, eggs, chicken and turkey form the staples of this diet menu that is believed to boost metabolism and encourage weight-loss. However, people following this diet should take extreme care to stay away from saturated fats and other high fat protein source as including high fat sources in one’s menu cart can totally defeat the purpose of it. Proteins are fairly easy to digest and unless you have a history of kidney illness, this diet is likely to work for you.



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Processed Foods



All Protein Diet Menu Choices



Herbed Salmon Fillets

Herbed Salmon Fillets

Salmon isn’t just everyone’s favorite seafood, but is inarguably the best source of protein available to us. Herbed salmon fillets make for an excellent side dish and is easy to prepare too. All you need is some fresh salmon fillets, a can of sour cream, some fresh herbs, butter and seasoning and you have a high-protein delicacy at hand.



Wheat Tortillas

Wheat Tortillas

Wheat tortillas are excellent source of protein. For anybody looking to give a boost to their protein intake, including some wheat tortillas to their regular dinner fare would mean more health, more taste and more proteins. Just add some beans to your tortillas for further protein-kick.



Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey

Roasted turkey is a classic example of low-fat high-protein dish and is extremely tantalizing to the taste-buds too. Just stuff your turkey with apple, celery, garlic and onions, bake it till done and serve it with onion brushes and radish roses for a perfect dinner course.



Protein Shake

Your protein meal is incomplete without tasty, healthy, low-fat high-protein shakes, which apart from fueling up your body, helps to boost a feeling of satiety too. You can add some fresh fruits like bananas, prunes or raisins to your shake for a more power-packed impact.



All protein diet menu is the best meal option for anyone looking to lose weight or spike up the intake of protein in their diet.

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All Protein Diet Menu