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Type 2 Diabetes Diet Exercise

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Diabetes Diet PyramidProper diet and exercise play a major role in controlling type 2 diabetes. People with this health condition become insulin resistant. Insulin helps to store the blood glucose in the cells for later usage. But, in case of insulin resistance, blood glucose is not transferred into cells; rather, it builds up in the blood in excessive amounts. Abnormal  blood sugar level triggers several critical health problems. Let us see how diet and exercise can help in managing type 2 diabetes.


Important Aspects of Type 2 Diabetes Diet and Exercise

Almost 55% of people suffering with type 2 diabetes are quite overweight, which in turn boosts up the insulin resistance. The key to improve insulin sensitivity is losing weight. Once the weight is reduced to normal, the blood glucose level automatically improves to healthy level.


Tips on Type 2 Diabetes Diet 

Type 2 diabetes patients should follow these tips to control their blood glucose level within normal range and to stay fit and healthy.

  • Fruits and veggies are important ingredients for type 2 diabetes. Try to keep the food value intact, by consuming these raw or steamed or baked or cooked with less or no oil.
  • Stress on low-carb diet by restricting carbohydrate rich food items like breads, cakes, pastas, pizzas, cookies etc.
  • Stop eating all junk foods.
  • Choose healthy proteins, mostly from vegetable source like lentils, nuts, beans, seeds etc and fish.
  • Select whole grains instead of processed or refined varieties.
  • Drink plenty of water. Add a slice of lemon for a special touch. But never indulge in cold drinks, sodas or any kind of sugary fruit juice.
  • Completely cut down on sugar. Choose sweetener as a healthy alternative.
  • Eat small amounts in regular intervals and at the same time  every day.
  • Religiously follow your physician’s suggestion in living a healthy lifestyle.


Tips on Type 2 Diabetes Exercise

Exercise helps in burning excess fat and calories, which aids in weight loss. Regular physical activities could considerably reduce the blood sugar level.

  • Walking is the easiest among the exercises. But, if you are comfortable, then you can hit a gym as well.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Regular monitoring of blood glucose level is most essential. Exercise can reduce the blood glucose level below the normal range, which is also a serious concern.
  • Keep carbohydrate-based foods, which can quickly increase the blood sugar level in case it drops abnormally low, handy while exercising.
  • Ask your physician before starting any new form of exercise.


Start your journey towards a healthy and diabetes-free life with all the above tips on type 2 diabetes diet and exercise.


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Type 2 Diabetes Diet Exercise