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Sofia Vergara Diet

Celebrity Diet - Sofia VergaraSofia Vergara as we know is all about the beautiful curves. It also seems that the Sofia Vergara diet is equally voluptuous. This Modern Family actress looks absolutely stunning at 37. She is not fuzzy about her food and neither is she obsessive about her diet. She somehow seems to have found a balance of all sorts in life. So let's check out what she eats and what she does to stay that gorgeous.


Sofia Vergara Diet:

Sofia Vergara says that coming from one of the Latin countries kind of takes off the pressure on her to be thin. She says that people expect her to be a voluptuous woman like the character Gloria, she plays in Modern Family. According to her, in Latin countries, having fresh fruits and fruit juices for breakfast or as a part of the breakfast is a common thing. “Everything is organic and you don't even have to think about it” , she says. She likes to have an omelet with vegetables along with whole wheat toast and some coffee for breakfast. For lunch, she says that you can have some chicken and rice. But it not about eating exorbitant amounts of rice. It is all about portion control. Back from where she comes, people do eat pasta and rice but always in sensible amounts. Sofia Vergara also said that she consciously does not think about dieting all the time as she finds it rather depressing. Another interesting thing is that she carries around a few lollipops in her bag because she feels that it helps her sugar cravings. It is better to suck on a few lollipops than to gorge on half a pound of strawberry mousse cake is her motto.


Just like dieting, working out isn't exactly her favorite thing to do. But she does it anyway because she knows how important working out is. Sofia Vergara also likes to mix things up a bit. She said that she likes some of Tracy Anderson's methods among few other things.


Final Word on the Sofia Vergara Diet:

Eat what you like but eat in moderation. Portion control is the key. Also be involved in some amount physical activity that you might enjoy, a few times a week. And for most parts enjoy your life and savor in healthy food. And I would recommend that you carry around an apple instead of a few lollipops.


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Sofia Vergara Diet