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Lea Michele Diet

Celebrity DietThe Lea Michele diet is a vegan diet. But the diet is not the only thing that is helping her to maintain that awesome figure. She also has some interesting, surefire methods that seem to help her be in such great shape. What can I say except that she is five foot three and fabulous. Let's check out her diet secrets.


Lea Michele Diet:

Lea Michele is a vegan. Recently, there were reports saying that this Glee star is anorexic. But she has claimed that she is healthy, and just because she is a vegan, it does not mean that she is anorexic. Come on people, she really looks fit and healthy. Her secret is that she eats well but no meat and dairy. “But let me tell you something — I'm an Italian girl. So I love to eat. And my mother always tells me, if you think it's good for you, it'll be good for you.”, she says. She loves to eat alright, and is not very hard on herself when it comes to food. Lea Michele says, “I sometimes follow the Natalie Portman rule — I'm vegan in my home and vegetarian outside. I do that when I'm in New York a lot. But I will never eat meat, ever.”


As for the fitness part of her life, this 24 year old just seems to love the outdoors. She said, “I get outdoors a lot. I love to hike, ride my bike, and rock climb. They’re not just brilliant workouts, they’re like therapy, too, because they help to clear your head. I also do Bikram yoga. Apart from this, she also has 'Nike Training Club' app from iTunes installed in her phone. This app contains over 60 different 15 minute workouts. So says it is easy for her to squeeze in 15 minutes anytime during the day. Lea seems to be very happy with it. “I can just whip out my phone and do it anywhere. And because it targets all the key muscles, I know I’ve had a full workout,” she says.


Final Word on the Lea Michele Diet:

I will give a double thumbs up for her fitness regimen. And I really think that if you have an iPhone, you should be downloading this fitness app. OK, where did my phone go now? LoL!

But as I keep searching for my phone, you should be aware that being on a vegan diet means that you will be pretty low on iron, Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin B12. So make sure that you are taking sufficient dietary supplements. You also have to consult a doctor before making any significant dietary changes in your life.


Be gleeful and adios!


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Lea Michele Diet