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Giuliana Rancic Diet

Celebrity DietOk, this blog is not going to sing praises of the Giuliana Rancic diet. I'm not going to sugar coat her diet and call it 'fit' either. This is tough love. I really do think that she is a very smart woman because I have read her book; 'Think like a Guy'. But, I some how can't seem to figure out where her smartness went when it comes to her diet. She is overly obsessed about being slim (read: skinny) and practically not eating right or rather not enough. And because we all love to know what the celebrities eat, let's check out where Giuliana Rancic's diet is going wrong.


The 'skinny' Giuliana Rancic Diet

Giuliana Rancic is an early riser as she wakes up at 4.30 am and hits the gym at 5 am. She drinks tea before she goes to the gym and when she is done at 6.30 am she drinks water with lemon, sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Then she sips some hot Oolong tea. She starts off her breakfast with a grapefruit, followed by either an egg white omelet with veggies and herbs. Sometimes she has a little grilled chicken. And absolutely no butter. Her mid morning snack consists of Kashi’s TLC bars in Honey Almond Flax or Cherry Dark Chocolate. “I am obsessed with these!” she says.


For lunch, she has some rotisserie chicken breast along with some homemade vegetables. She prefers to have broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, red and green peppers. If she gets bored with chicken, she tries to get a salmon bowl with brown rice and steamed veggies at whole foods. Giuliana Rancic's mid- afternoon snack consists of a Kashi bar and an organic apple or some fresh juice. When she goes to other restaurants, she orders dishes like grilled chicken breast, grilled fish like halibut, all types of white fish, salmon, hay tuna, steamed veggies, no butter and no oil. “If they can’t steam them then tell them you want a touch of oil…stress a touch…otherwise your veggies will be swimming in a pool of oil.” she says. On her cheat days, she has a few bites of pasta from Bill Rancic's plate. Eh?


Final Word on the Giuliana Rancic Diet:

A look at her website will tell you that Giuliana Rancic is extremely calorie conscious in a bad way. She is skinny and could possibly flirting with an eating disorder. She has also developed serious aversion towards carbohydrates and even a dash of oil. In fact there isn't enough carbohydrates in her diet at all. She probably thinks that a few bites of pasta is a big indulgence and calls it 'cheat food'. She sips too much tea and tea is an appetite suppressant. Woman, what's wrong with you?


I really don't know how her body sustains her as I strongly believe that her daily calorie intake will be 1100 calories or lesser. And since she is trying to get pregnant, I suggest that she eats well.


Giuliana, for the love of God, please add some healthy carbs into your diet. Carbohydrates is not your enemy here but you could be your own worst enemy if this continues.


Good luck Giuliana!


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Giuliana Rancic Diet