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Bethenny Frankel Diet

Celebrity DietThe Bethenny Frankel Diet, has several secrets hidden that make the original 'Real Housewife of New York' the 'Real Skinny Girl'. Ok, she is not skinny bordering anorexic; she is pretty healthy. The 'skinny' that we are referring to is metaphoric. She shares her diet and exercise tips in her book; "Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinny Girl and Free Yourself From a Lifetime of Dieting”. She calls this a “no-more-dieting-forever' book. Now the interesting thing about Bethenny Frankel is that , she is not a celebrity-wannabe trying give away from diet tips. She was once a natural-food chef who once made lunches for New York celebs. So on that note, let's check out the Bethenny Frankel diet.


Bethenny Frankel Diet:

Ms. Frankel's diet secrets are direct, no nonsense love. I was quite impressed with her straight talk. She says that eating is like a bank account. "If you spend in one place, you need to save in another." What she means is that if you end up eating a pound of cheesecake, it it going to get stored in a place that you don't want to. Everything that you eat has to be accounted for. The second thing that she said was that you need know that everything that you eat is different from each other. A chicken burger and a ham burger are both burgers but the ham burger definitely packs in more calories.


Bethenny Frankel also understands that it is difficult for a regular person to completely give up on one's favorite foods. So it is important to know where to stop. Just because it is tasting good, it is no point to stuff yourself with it. Another important thing is that she is a person who eats raw food. It is true that some fruits and vegetables when eaten raw have the maximum nutrients.


When it comes to working out, she has made it her good friend. She says, “Consistency is the key. That is the most important part about exercise. People never believe that all I do is 40 minutes of my “Body by Bethenny” yoga DVD a few times a week or walk on the elliptical machine for a total of 4 workout days. And I never leave my house.”


Final Word on the Bethenny Frankel Diet:

Bethenny Frankel's diet and exercise tips are practical and can be followed by anyone. However, I will not recommend the raw food diet to everyone. If you have some digestive condition that needs constant medical attention, then I suggest that you consult your doctor first.


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Bethenny Frankel Diet