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Blake Lively Diet

Celebrity DietThough, we may all know Blake Lively as the controversial Serena Van Der Woodsen from the TV series, 'Gossip Girl' the Blake Lively Diet is quite a new entrant in the health market one might say. For, till recently, this 5'10”, 22 year old actress did not have a diet or a gym membership. But, right now all that has changed now and she is taking her fitness a bit more seriously. This long legged lass has taken the services of Bobby Strom, the celebrity trainer (yes, the same Green Lantern trainer). She is fit and fabulous. So, let's find out all about the Blake Lively diet.


Blake Lively Diet:

To begin with, Blake Lively has always been slim, thanks to some good genes that she has inherited. However, since her work schedules are more erratic and demanding, she has understood the need to find a way to incorporate a fitness regimen into her lifestyle.


With Bobby Strom, she is at the present moment concentrating on core and strength training. So she works out 4 days a week and 90 minutes per session. On a typical day, Blake Lively would be doing planks, squats, pushups and walking lunges apart from some moderate cardio. If she gets bored of the gym, she does an hour of yoga/pilates/tai-chi.



When it comes to her diet, Blake lively swears by the fork. She loves her desserts but to eat the moderately, she eats 'fork-fulls'. Smart one she is! Apart for her occassional sweet indulgence, her diet is mostly healthy. Besides, she also loves to cook and Greek cuisine is her favorite. Coming back to her diet, her breakfast is usually oatmeal and a handful or blueberries. Her lunch would be alads with chicken and balsamic vinaigrette. For dinner, she has fish and vegetable. She also whips up fruit and vegetable blends and has them whenever.


In other news, I also head that Blake Lively drinks the Acai Berry juice to flush her body clean of the toxins. Apparently acai berry also improves the skin and hair. Hmm!


Final Word on the Blake Lively Diet:

Blake Lively seems to be eating healthily and is eating balance foods. Her meals seems to have carbs, proteins and fats all in the right amount, making it healthy. You might also consider hitting the gym and working out like her, because just look at the way she looks; hot!


Mazel Tov!


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Blake Lively Diet