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Fruits For Sore Throat

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My grandma used to suggest Fruits and sore throatfruits for sore throat. Fruits are wonderful natural remedies for sore threat as they boost the immune system while  healing the irritated throat. Sore throat is not a threatening situation and it often occurs when a person is suffering from cold or influenza. However, the discomfort associated with it makes it urgent to cure the symptoms immediately. Fruits being a rich source of vitamins C, A and antioxidants helpsthe body in fighting off the symptoms of sore throat. Read further to know more about sore throat and fruits so that you could treat it immediately if suffering from sore throat.


Fruits For Sore Throat Treatment


Lemon Juice


Swallowing one freshly squeezed lemon juice along with one table spoon of honey is one of the age old home remedies for curing sore throat. It soothes the irritated throat and brings down the soreness gradually.


Exotic Fruit Juices


If you are suffering from sore throat, try drinking juice of exotic fruits, you would feel better. Among exotic fruits you can go for panellia or loquat. In addition, apple juice is also very effective in treating sore throat.


Juicy Fruits


Once the severe symptoms of throat subside, the patient should take various juicy fruits that further strengthen the body. One can take fruits like apple, papayas and pineapples at frequent intervals.


Fruits To Be Avoided During Sore Throat


Most of the fruits are beneficial during sore throat but some may irritate or aggravate the present situation. This situation is often observed with highly acidic fruits which triggers the symptoms. So, one should avoid citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and their juices which are generally high in acid content.


Now you must have got a fair idea on fruits and sore throat treatment. Use them to cure sore throat in a natural way without any side effects.


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Fruits For Sore Throat