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Hypothyroidism Foods to EatIf you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism then the most important step towards your treatment is to change your eating habits. In this article you will find list of Hypothyroidism foods to eat.


What is Hypothyroidism?


Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland stops making enough thyroid hormone. It is a very common disease affecting people of all ages. Because the thyroid gland helps to regulate your metabolism, low thyroid levels cause your body to slow down and can affect everything from appetite to body temperature.


Below is given few nutritional diet tips which you need to follow when suffering from Hypothyroidism.


Best foods for Hypothyroidism patient


Eat fiber rich foods


Make sure to eat a diet rich in fibers. Some of the best sources of fiber are fruits and green leafy vegetables. The fruits and vegetables are also the good source of minerals and vitamins. You can include whole grains, seafood and lean protein in your regular diet.


Eat iodine rich foods


Iodine is very essential mineral for the production of thyroxine. You can include seafood and iodized salt in the diet. Selenium is also very important mineral which helps in reducing the symptoms of hypothyroidism. The main function of selenium is to convert the thyroid hormone T4, produced by the body into active form T3, needed for body metabolism. Crab, shellfish and Brazil nuts are the excellent source of selenium.


Drink Water


Make sure to drink lots of water. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. This will keep you hydrated at all the times. By drinking plenty of water your all unnecessary fluids will be flush out easily and helps you to lose weight as well.


Important tips


There are certain foods which you need to avoid while suffering from Hypothyroidism. These foods are broccoli, spinach, cauliflowers, mustard green and pears. These foods can aggravate the hypothyroidism disease and may stop the normal function of your thyroid.


Thus just by changing your regular eating habits you can relieve yourself from the symptoms of hypothyroidism and make the recovery very quickly.


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Hypothyroidism Foods To Eat