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Annalynne Mccord Diet

Celebrity DietThe Annalynne Mccord Diet is getting as famous as her famed character of vixen Naomi Clark of 90210 that we all know. At 23, she has the body that is worth doing many wicked things for. Annalynne, interestingly enough, does not own a gym membership card yet. So how, does she manage to stay is such great shape. Her fitness mantras are simple and they can be followed by almost anyone. So, let us take a look at the Annalynne Mccord diet and fitness secrets.


Sneak Peek At Annalynne Mccord Diet

To begin with Annalynne Mccord does not swipe clean her plate. This is one thing that she learnt from her mother who had lost 45 pounds following The Weigh Down Diet. This diet is based on the habits of slim people. And slim people do not finish all that is there in their plates if they cannot. They wrap up the leftovers for later. Excellente! This way, you will not be stuffing yourself when you are full.


Annalynne Mccord loves to cook and as much as time permits she cooks her own meal. The biggest advantage of cooking at home is that you are in complete control of what is going to be on your plate.


When it comes to her fitness, she really doesn't seem to have for regular workouts. So what she does is that she goes out for long runs on the beach. She also loves to play beach tennis and go out on long hikes with her friends.


Annalynne Mccord strongly believes that you don't need the money to look good. She taught herself belly dancing by watching several belly dance workout DVDs. She says, “When you're shaking your booty, you can't help but feel beautiful and sexy." She is damn right about that because, I myself have been belly dancing for 3 years now. Belly dancing is fantastic way to burn those extra calories and to tone up that mid section.


Final Word on the Annalynne Mccord Diet:

This girl sure seems to know what she is doing. She is not on extreme diets and most importantly seems to have a realistic approach towards a healthy lifestyle. Cooking your own meals and being involved in moderate exercises is a great idea to kick-start your healthy lifestyle. And finally, just remember that you don't have to finish all that is there in your plate.


Good luck!


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Annalynne Mccord Diet