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High Blood Pressure Foods to EatIt might be difficult to believe that there are various High Blood Pressure Foods to Eat, but it is true. You just need to do few things such as exercise and cut out the excess salt intake from your diet in order to lower your blood pressure naturally.


Below is a list of food which you can eat while having high blood pressure.


High blood pressure foods to eat:


Drink Skim Milk


If you have a high blood pressure you should drink skim milk. This milk is low in fat but very high in vitamin D and calcium. The skim milk can reduce your blood pressure up to ten percent.


Eat Magnesium-rich Foods


There are many magnesium rich foods available such as beans and spinach. These foods are the excellent way to lower your blood pressure. Figs, grapefruit, whole grains and almonds are also the good source of magnesium.


Drink Fruit Juices:


The juices prepared with grapefruit, pineapple, celery and parsley are great for reducing your blood pressure as well as your weight.


Eat Fiber:


A food high in fiber content also reduces the high blood pressure. Some of the best example of high fiber foods includes oat bran, fruits and vegetables.


Eat Potassium-rich Foods


Even the potassium rich foods are also considered to be good for lowering the blood pressure. Bananas, soybeans, oranges and watermelon are the excellent source of potassium.


Dark Chocolates:


And the last but not the least; dark chocolates help in lowering the blood pressure and satisfies the sweet tooth at the same time. Dark chocolates contain flavonoid which is found to cause a noticeable drop in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings.


Eating a good diet along with regular exercise will help you immensely in re-building your health.  Hope with the help of this small article you would be able to discover genuine natural ways to lower your blood pressure immediately.


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High Blood Pressure Foods To Eat