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Fruits For Triglycerides

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Fruits and triglyceridesFruits for triglycerides are not easy to decide upon because of the sugar content in them. Rise of triglyceride is due to several factors, one of the important being increased intake of sugar. If the triglyceride level is not checked on time, it might cause coronary diseases. So, it becomes important to regulate the triglyceride level in the body by regulating the diet and eating fruits which can lower the triglycerides level.


Fruits For Triglycerides Regulation

Sugar is the natural content of all fruits, so it becomes necessary to remain cautious while selecting fruits for regulating triglycerides. One cannot eat all the fruits because they are rich in fructose or sucrose content, however, certain fruits with moderate amount of sugar content can be safely taken in such situation. It has been proposed that 3 servings of fruits daily would be very beneficial in lowering the triglycerides level in the body.


Fruits With Low Sucrose Content

If you are following triglyceride lowering diet, then following fruits which has lowest sucrose content as compared to other fruits can be taken safely.


Fruits                                      Sucrose per 100 grams                     

Watermelons                              1.21 grams/1.21%

Persimmons                                1.54 grams/1.54%

Plums                                          1.57 grams/1.57%


Fruits With Low Fructose Content

Another important form of sugar present in the fruits is fructose. So, one should also avoid using fruits rich in fructose.  Following are the fruits with lowest fructose content


Fruits                                      Fructose per 100 grams

Apricots                                       0.94 gram/0.94%

Nectarines                                   1.37 grams/1.37%

Peaches                                      1.53 grams/1.53%

Cantaloupes                                1.87 grams/1.87%


So, you must have got a fair idea on fruits for triglycerides lowering diet. However, the ironical part in triglycerides and fruits is that fruits low in sucrose is high in fructose and vice versa. Thus, the best way out is to have fruits in moderate amount and supplement them with vegetables, which are not the source of sugar. In addition, one should always avoid consumption of dried fruits and fruit juices with sugar syrup.


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Fruits For Triglycerides