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Mark Wahlberg Diet

Celebrity DietThe Mark Wahlberg diet has been getting a lot of media attention, ever since the movie; The Fighter. In that movie, Mark Wahlberg plays the role of boxer who makes it to the top despite many odds. Mark Wahlberg has always been fit and muscular for the most parts of his life, but he looks exceptionally rippled in that movie. He was on a disciplined boxing focused workout routine and diet for The Fighter. Let's check out what he did in detail to get where he did in detail below.


Mark Wahlberg Diet Secrets!

To begin with, Mark Wahlberg enjoyed his grueling workout routines and still does. He says, “Boxing is one of the toughest workouts you can have. I feel like if I had to run a marathon, I could. You relieve your frustrations, that’s for sure.” And he also had a very realistic approach towards his boxing training. He knew that he was not going to be a Joe Frasier or a Muhammad Ali overnight but believed that all the training will eventually come through.


On a typical day, Mark Wahlberg would be warming up by doing several sets of squats on Power Plate, a vibration platform which supposedly increases the muscle activity. Then he would migrate to the bags. He would spend 5 minutes on the double-end bag, the heavy bag and the speed bag. And ladies, if you want to get rid of the flab in your arms, you should seriously consider buying one of these punching bags. After his warm up, Mark Wahlberg would move on to do his core training for about 30 to 40 minutes. He says that he does not superset everything when it comes to weight training. He targets different muscle groups everyday. On Monday he would work out his biceps, back, and legs. He would concentrate on triceps, chest, and shoulders on Tuesday. Wednesday will see him targeting his legs and biceps only. Mark Wahlberg takes a break on Thursdays and Fridays and then starts all over again on Saturdays.


When it comes to his diet, he has his brother who is a chef catering to his needs. All his meals are high on protein and low on carbohydrates.


Final Word on the Mark Wahlberg Diet!

The boxing workouts might not turn you into a champion boxer, but from a pure physical training perspective, it would completely redefine your body. In his own words, “Boxing really is the ultimate workout. I’m moving, I’m alert. Afterward I feel amazing.” I will recommend boxing as a high impact workout for both women and men. But before you start training, make sure that you consult a fitness expert/trainer who will work on a workout routine and diet that would be compatible to your lifestyle.


Good luck and go get 'em rippling muscles.


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Mark Wahlberg Diet