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Ulcers food to eatStomach ulcers are the very common disease affecting millions of men and women every year. You will find plenty of Ulcers Food to Eat which in return relieves your stomach ulcer naturally.


An ulcer is a small sore in the lining of the stomach or just beyond the stomach in the first part of the intestine, called as duodenum. An ulcerous condition may develop very fast or over a long period of time.


Here I have listed few foods which you can eat while suffering from Ulcers.


Ulcers food to eat:


Alkaline Foods


Try to eat alkaline foods when having ulcer problem. You can eat green leafy vegetables, fishes such as salmon or trout, spinach, avocado, olive, or cucumber.


Bread and Starches


Bread and starches can be a good form of fiber which is generally beneficial to people suffering with ulcers. You can eat whole wheat bread, rolls or crackers. Other starches which may help healing the ulcers include cooked pasta, rice, cream of rice, oatmeal and potatoes.


Fruits and Vegetables


Being an excellent source of dietary fiber fruits and vegetables can be consumed while suffering from ulcer. Safe choices include apples, peaches, pears, bananas, melons and berries.  You can avoid eating oranges or any other citrus fruits if they cause pain. Amongst vegetables you can eat lettuce, spinach or chard. The vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower can be avoided if they cause pain.


Meat and Dairy Products


Meat and dairy products are the good source of protein and thus help repair damage done by ulcers. You can consume tender meat, fish, seafood, turkey and chicken. In dairy products you can opt for scrambled eggs, low-fat cheese, ricotta or cottage cheese.


Tips to Remember:


  • There are certain foods which need to be avoided when suffering from ulcers.

  • Avoid taking caffeinated beverages such as coffee. You should also avoid taking alcohol. These items increase the acidity of the stomach and therefore contribute to ulcer development.

  •  Avoid taking excessive amount of sodium in your diet. High intake of salt and soy sauce leads to a higher risk of stomach ulcers.

  • Do not take much spicy foods as they aggravate the symptoms of ulcer.


Thus by consuming diet rich with fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains and omitting foods which might cause discomfort helps you to overcome the problem of ulcers.


The bottom line is that to relieve stomach ulcer symptoms naturally, the best thing is to change your eating habits.


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Ulcers Foods To Eat