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Wisdom teeth foods to eatSo have you just had your wisdom teeth extracted and wondering what are the wisdom teeth foods to eat? If such is the case then solution is right here. In this article you will find the list of wisdom teeth foods which you can eat easily. You can eat foods which do not require much chewing. In short, try to eat soft foods. There won’t be any chance of bleeding.


List of Wisdom Teeth Foods to Eat:


Vegetables are the excellent source of vitamin and should be included in your diet. Cook your vegetables properly that you do not have to chew much. Vegetables such as cooked carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli or any other soft cooked vegetables can be eaten without causing damage to your surgical site.


You can also include fruits in your diet. Make the puree of the fruits and take after your wisdom teeth are extracted. For example applesauce and puddings are the best choices.  Include lots of fruit juices which will help you to get the daily requirement of fruits.


String cheese isone of the best options to eat. By consuming cheese you will get adequate amount of protein and calcium as well.


You can take some liquid foods such as soups or milkshakes. But be careful with the amount of milkshakes you are consuming. Excessive amount of sugar can be disagreeable after the wisdom teeth extraction procedure.


As per the dentists and dental hygienists you can also take some cloves of garlic, onions and a mixture of salt and water.




Avoid solid foods like meat for the first day or two after the wisdom teeth extraction. After few days you can add any food into your diet.


Following these tips about wisdom teeth food will help you to have a quick recovery. It will also reduce the chances of having infection and any other oral problems.


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Wisdom Teeth Foods To Eat