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Balanced Diet For Teenagers

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Teenager DietIf you are a mother of teenaged kids, then you ought to know everything that you can about the balanced diet for teenagers. Teenage is the time for maximum growth, physical and mental, in both ways. To support this continuous growth, the teenagers will require energy producing foods. You can offer variety of nutritious foods but need to cut on sugar and fatty or oily snacks. These days many of the teenagers suffer from nutrients deficiency like iron or calcium deficiency. The teenagers balanced diet should be developed by keeping all these issues in mind.


Important Tips on Balanced Diet for Teenagers

The teenagers balanced diet should include nutritious foods from most of the food groups except fat, oil or sugar. Only high calorie and nutritious food items can provide all the essential nutrition in right manner.

Whole Grains

A teenager should consume plenty of whole grains including cereals, bread, rice, pasta and other whole grain food products. Each and every meal should associate with one full serving of whole grain items. Other than minerals and dietary fibers, these food items are rich in irons and can control the iron deficiency problem among teenagers. The carbohydrate present in whole grain foods provides more energy to support overall growth.


Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are also among the most important constituents of balanced diet for teenagers. The vitamin C, present in fruits, indirectly helps the growth by improving the immune system. Fruits and vegetables, both are rich source for a bunch of nutrients. All these nutrients take part in developing during the adolescent period. Certain vegetables are also good source of carbohydrate, which burns out to generate energy for the body.


Dairy Products

Being the best source of calcium, one should not ignore the dairy products as the baby food. Particularly, for the teenagers suffering in calcium deficiency, these foods are most essential. Minimum 2-3 serving of dairy products in various forms like milk, yogurt, custard, cheese and any other dairy products are equally required for a growing teenager.



Protein is another essential nutrient for planning teenager’s balanced diet, be it in vegetable or non-vegetable form. Vegetarian protein can be obtained from different types of pulses, beans, nuts and soy products. Any of these protein sources has to be included in daily diet for at least two servings.


Other than the above items, drinking sufficient water can also be included in the list of balanced diet for teenagers. Alongside the proper diet, regular physical exercise is most essential for the teenagers to stay healthy and happy in all respects.


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Balanced Diet For Teenagers