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Fruits For Liver

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Fruits and liverI was recently reading an article on liver cleansing food, where I got to know about the fruits for liver health. The best way to maintain liver health is to have fruits which promote detoxification process of the liver and are rich in antioxidant so as to protect the liver from any damage during the detoxification process.


Important Fruits For Liver

There are many fruits important for liver like mango, papaya, watermelon, qiwi, avocado, prunes, plums, grapes, pink grapefruit, orange, and nectarine. However, the following ones are special to mention because of their effectiveness in promoting and maintaining the health and function of the liver.



Eating one apple daily reduces the load of detoxification process of liver. The pectin present in apple binds to the heavy metals in the colon and promotes excretion. It is also rich in malic acid which dissolves the liver stones and thus protects the liver from any damage.



Apricot is a rich source of vitamin A, B and C. It also enriches the body with potassium and beta carotenes, all of which are very important in maintaining the health of the liver.



Discussion on liver and fruits would be incomplete without talking about lemon. This citrus fruit works wonder for the liver, if lemon juice in hot water is taken daily in an empty stomach. It promotes detoxification and cleanses the liver. In addition, lemon juice is also very effective in cleansing the stomach by stimulating bowel movement.


Berries for liverPear

Pear is one of the important fruits for liver due to its rich content of insoluble and soluble fiber. Fibers which are insoluble in nature help in the cleansing of colon while the soluble fibers are effective in lowering the serum cholesterol level. Both the activities provide good support to the liver function.



Berries like blackberry, strawberry and raspberry have proven efficacy in flushing out the toxin in the blood thereby reducing the load on the liver. They are also rich in important vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, thereby helping the liver to remain healthy.


So, to get rid of any liver disorder, just have a look on the above-mentioned fruits for liver and include them in your diet. It would provide nutrition, protect your liver from cancer and would ward off the liver disorder like cirrhosis.


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Fruits For Liver