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High Carb Diet Menu

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High Carb Diet MenuHigh Carb Diet Menu is targeted towards the athletes who require high endurance level to sustain their energy and prevent fatigue.  To build up stamina athletes needs to consume a balanced diet rich in calorie, protein, vitamins and minerals and high on carbohydrate. Inadequate diet can lead to fatigue and give them tough time during competition. Thus it is recommended to intake high amount of carbohydrates in the diet. Carbohydrate can be the ideal energy source and fuel up the body to perform better. Listed here are some of the top high carb diet menus which can be beneficial to you.


Sample High Carb Diet Menu



Hot oatmeal

Kick start the day with hot oatmeal rich in fiber to build up your energy levels for the day. Combine with whole wheat toast with honey spread. Apple bulgur salad or Apple juice can be delightful breakfast option going along with the above mentioned high carb diet menus.



Baked potato

High carbohydrate lunch would comprise baked potatoes, corn and rice bake. Lean Hamburger can be wholesome in providing the right balance of protein-carb intake. Peach melba sponge and fresh plum sherbet can also be included in your platter to make it a 500 calorie diet menu.



whole wheat dinner roll

Strike a balance between carbohydrate and protein for lunch. Pasta with marinara sauce, chicken breast, sautéed broccoli, and whole wheat dinner roll can be both enriching and filling. Such delightful diet options can help in longer sustained levels of energy in the body.



Banana smoothie

In between meal snacks are highly recommended and can be grabbed whenever you are hungry. Granola bar, chocolate pretzels, chocolate milk, fat free pudding can provide you with wholesome energy for better power and fortitude. Mixed berries cobbler and banana smoothie can also increase energy levels and build up vigor.


High Carb Diet Menu helps athletes to increase the level of glucose in the body. It is advised to consume a diet high in carbohydrate three days before competition to make use of the glucose which gets converted into energy in the meantime for better efficiency.

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High Carb Diet Menu