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Fruits For Dehydration

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Fruits for curing dehydration - WatermelonDehydration is a common problem that we face especially during summer. Its treatment is simple if taken care on time. Along with water, take fruits for dehydration treatment. You must be wondering that how can fruits help in the treatment of dehydration. So, read further to know about the importance of fruits in restoring the water loss of the body.


Dehydration And Fruits Therapy

Our body continuously loses water in the form of sweat, urine, and faeces. However, the water that we drink meets this loss. When this balance gets disturbed and the loss of water outweighs the water intake, an individual may suffer from dehydration. The best way to meet the excessive water loss is to hydrate the body. Intake of water is the first course of action but this method alone has some drawback:


  • Excess water intake cools down the body rapidly, which is harmful for the body.
  • People not used to drinking large amounts of water may feel.
  • During dehydration, body loses electrolytes along with water, but drinking plain water doesn’t replenish the electrolytes, rather further dilutes them.


However, consumption of fruits not only helps in regulating the water, electrolyte, and temperature balance of the body but also provides energy to help recover from dehydration.



Important Fruits For The Treatment Of Dehydration


Watermelons are the best natural remedy for dehydration. It has enormous water content that meets the fluid requirement of the body. For fast recovery, watermelon sprinkled with salts is very effective. It slowly cools down the body and helps in recovering the water loss.


Lemon And Other Citrus Fruits

Lemon and other citrus fruits replenish the body with required nutrients, which are lost during dehydration. If you ever feel that your body is dehydrated, squeeze one lemon in a glass of water and add pinch of salt and sugar to it. This drink would bring an immediate relief to you.



Bananas are not a rich source of water but it enriches the body with potassium. Potassium is an important nutrient that restores the body from dehydrated state.


Thus, we have seen that consumption of fruits during dehydration forms one of the best natural remedy in restoring the normal state of the body. One should always take a combination of fluids, electrolytes, and fruits to beat the symptoms of excessive water loss.


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Fruits For Dehydration