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Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu

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Gestational Diabetes Diet MenuGestational Diabetes Diet Menu is specifically for woman weighing between 130-135 pounds before becoming pregnant. Such physical conditions demands not to shrug away from food but to indulge in adequate and good nutrition for the health benefit of both mother and child. When carrying, glucose accumulation in blood can be threatening and high blood sugar levels can be harmful for the developing baby and you. It is only through a specific meal plan, you can meet your dietary needs and keep blood sugar levels under control.


Few Do’s and Don’ts If Suffering From Gestational Diabetes


  • Take dietician advice before starting on with Gestational Diabetes Diet.
  • Include variety of foods in your platter balancing meals, snacks, and calorie intake.
  • Try to eat three small to moderate meals and two to four snacks every day.
  • Include less carbohydrate and more complex carbohydrate, protein and high fiber foods.


 Gestational Diabetes Breakfast Diet Menu

whole wheat bread

Start your morning with full hard boiled eggs, whole wheat bread with a low fat margarine and cheese spread, broiled grape and calcium rich non fat skim milk. These breakfast platter is a balance of low carb and protein to effectively help you in maintaining low sugar levels but keeping you up with energy throughout the day.


Gestational Diabetes Lunch Diet Menu

whole wheat pita bread

Include variety of vegetables, beans, seeds and low fat meat into your diet. For lunch fill yourself up with whole wheat pita, black bean soup, salsa, tomato salad and skim milk.


Gestational Diabetes Dinner Diet Menu

grilled chicken with pineapple

Spice up your taste buds with grilled chicken with pineapple, brown rice and spicy green beans. A vegetable salad combining variety of vegetables and green leaf is also recommended.  For dessert enjoy frozen strawberry and yogurt.


Gestational Diabetes Snacks Whenever You Are Hungry

apple bulgur salad

Its encouraged to spread the meal and consume small meals at shorter breaks. Skim milk is always beneficial and can be had with peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Grab a glass of orange juice or apple bulgur salad to recondition your body with essential minerals and fibers. You can include sugar free or unsweetened beverages.


Nutrients, minerals and vitamins is what a balanced platter a pregnant lady would require. To meet up with the special dietary needs follow our gestational diabetes diet menu and plan your life with goodness of health and spirit.


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Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu